Welcome to Linguistics and Korea

Ever wondered why Koreans speak "bad English"?
Why it's so hard to learn Korean?
Why it's so hard to have "normal" conversations with Koreans?
Why it's so hard to fit in with Korean culture and society?
We don't claim to have the perfect answer to these questions, just a few hints that we hope will clarify the situation.
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Welcome to linguistics and Korea

Hi all and welcome to my blog.

This blog will contain information on anything related to both linguistics and Korea.
Since linguistics is not only about learning grammar and is certainly not meant to teach people how to speak properly, this blog will contain few posts actually teaching Korean grammar/vocabulary in any form. There are a lot of great websites, textbooks out there to learn Korean and don't forget that the best way to learn Korean is to actually speak with Koreans.

This blog will attempt to describe how Koreans speak and perceive language, that is, how Koreans converse and what they say when they converse. It will also be about how foreigners perceiving Korean language and conversation with Koreans, and Koreans perceiving foreign languages and conversation with foreigners.

So indeed, there I will try to talk about a lot of the social, cultural and anthropological aspects of Korean language and Koreans speaking foreign languages.

I hope language teachers in Korea will find useful information in this blog. I also hope that any foreigner who has to converse with Koreans will find this blog useful.

Finally, I will try to describe rather than prescribe, that is, I will refrain from judging or commenting on any aspect of the Korean language.

Hope you all enjoy reading it!